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Welcome to the Portal Certification program!  Portal Software is the premier global provider of billing and Revenue Management solutions for telecommunications and media markets.  Portal’s Certification program will help to ensure there are sufficient skilled individuals in the marketplace that can plan, implement and manage Portal installations.


Portal’s Certification program has two different levels.  The first, the Specialist Certification, validates that someone has knowledge on a specific product release that relates to their specific job role.  The three specialist Certifications are Portal Server Specialist, Portal System Administrator, and Portal Pricing Specialist.  The second level of Certification, the Portal Certified Professional, requires not only demonstrated knowledge of the product capabilities for all three roles, but demonstrated skill in being able to install, customize, and implement Portal software. 


Portal offers on-line exams for the Portal Certified Specialist Certification.  For more information on the program, visit the Portal Certification Program website.


Please note: Prior to taking a Portal Certified Specialist exam, you will be presented with an on-line Portal Certification Program Candidate Agreement.  Upon acceptance of the terms of the agreement, you will be able to proceed with the exam.