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Welcome to HP Certified Professional Online Testing!

Important Note: All candidates are required to setup a new online testing account. Your previous online testing account is no longer valid.

The HP Certified Professional Program provides a world-class certification that is benchmarked around the world. Online testing allows you to complete specified certification requirements through the convenience of the Internet.

Be prepared! To take a Hewlett Packard exam you will need the following information:

· HP Learner ID

· Prometric ID

· Test name and series ID# (HPX-xxx)

· Method of payment

What is an HP Learner ID?

An HP Learner ID is a unique ID number assigned personally to you. This number is associated with your training and certification history.

All valid HP Learner IDs should begin with a “UV” or a “PL” prefix, followed by a series of numbers (Examples: PL70208823 or UV00123456789)

If you have a previous learning history with HP and held an ID, your previous ID likely has been automatically transitioned to an HP Learner ID (by the addition of the prefix “UV”). If your ID is only numbers with no letter prefix, you must add the prefix “UV” before the numbers to update it to a valid HP Learner ID.

For additional information about HP Learner ID, visit www.hp.com/go/hp-learner-id.

How to setup an online testing account

Before you can take a Web-based exam (HP2 / HP3), you will need to setup an online testing account. Please be sure you have a valid HP Learner ID before you begin or you will not be allowed to setup an online testing account.

Your Online Test Center (HP0) testing account is not the same account as the Web-based (HP2 / HP3) testing account. Each testing account is unique and can not be used interchangeably. To setup an online testing account:

  • Click on "First-time Registration" link
  • Choose the correct sponsor from the drop down menu box and click "Continue"
    • For HP2 exams, select "HP2 - HP Certified Professional Exams"
    • For HP3 exams, select "HP3 - HP Qualification Exams"
  • Complete the registration form and click "Submit". Be sure to write down your Username and Password.

How to resume/restart an exam after being disconnected

While taking an exam do not close your browser window. Should you be disconnected or lose your internet connection, the test timer will continue to run. Quickly log back into the system and choose "Resume Test" from the candidate menu. (Once the allotted test time is gone, the test will automatically be submitted for scoring.)

For more information, refer to the Candidate User Guide (197.0KB, PDF).

Test fees and payment options

Web-based exam (HP2/HP3) costs vary from region to region. Price ranges from $10-$50 USD. Pricing for your particular web-based exam will be available once you login and access the exam. You may pay for your exam by credit card (AMEX, MasterCard, or Visa) or by using a voucher number, or by promotional code. Our program does not accept payment by company or personal check.

Exam Retake Policy for Web-based exams (Exams starting with prefix HP2-XXX)

  • In the event a candidate fails his or her first (1st) attempt to pass an HP2 web-based HP Certified Professional Program exam, Hewlett-Packard does not require any waiting period between the first (1st) and second (2nd) attempt to pass such exam.
  • After the second (2nd) attempt, he or she will be required to wait seven (7) calendar days to retake the examination.
  • Subsequent attempts follow the guidelines outlined in the previous bullet... a wait of seven (7) calendar days to retake the examination.

Exam Retake Policy for Web-based exams (Exams starting with prefix HP3-XXX)

HP3 exams are regional exams available locally in selected regions. Please contact your regional program office for retake policy information.

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