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Welcome to the Dell Testing Center

Dell’s Professional certifications provide IT professionals with credentials that acknowledge their skills and in-depth knowledge of Dell servers, storage, and networking systems.

In order to take a test at this site, you must first register directly with Dell:

1. Send your exam request to our mailbox at:
Europe: emea_training@dell.com emea_training@dell.com
2. Our Engagement Manager will take care of all the details, collect your payment, and provide you with an Eligibility Code.
3. Once you have your Eligibility Code, use it to access the exam at this site.

You must use a required browser.
English Exams: Use Internet Explorer IE 4 or above.
Please do not use Netscape, AOL, or other browsers or you may encounter problems or delays.
Required Connection Speed: 33.6 Kbps or better is required.

You must not close your browser window during an exam. Should you be disconnected or lose your Internet connection, the test timer will continue to run. Quickly log back into the system and choose "Resume Test" from the candidate menu. (Once the allotted test time is gone, the test will automatically be submitted for scoring.)

Contact us:

If you have any questions about using the site, or if you do not successfully complete a test and would like to take it again, please contact Dell at
Europe: emea_training@dell.com emea_training@dell.com

If you have questions regarding the exam content, please contact us_ctc@DELL.COM.